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How to Look Taller in a Tux on your wedding day?
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How to look talleri in a Tux ? 

Maybe one day you're the Tom Cruise to your bride's Katie Holmes. Meaning she's just a wee bit taller than you. Don't fret; with a few quick tips, you'll be towering over your beautiful bride. Here's how to look taller in your tux on your wedding day.

Here are some introductions on how to look taller: 

1. Stick to a black tux. Black will not only make you look slimmer, but also taller. This is because black tends to blend into backgrounds. Most wedding halls are romantically lit or held in the evening, making it easy for a black tux to fade into the background and elongate the body rather than show its "shortcomings."

2. Wear the tallest shoes possible. Most people rent a tux for their wedding. Try to find the shoes with the tallest heels possible that still fit nicely with your tux. This will add an inch or more to your height.

3. Purchase lifts for your shoes. There is no shame in wearing lifts for the big day. In fact, by calculating how tall your bride will be in her shoes, you will know what size lifts will make you taller. (Tall Men Shoes) are great sites that will sell you lifts made just for you. (See Resources.)

4. Suggest to your bride that she wears smaller heels. This is potentially out of your control as the groom's suggestions or opinions tend to take a back seat to the look of the bride on the day. But if you have open, honest communication, you should gently suggest that she wear as small a heel as possible. This, juxtaposed with your black tux, tall shoes and lifts will allow you to have a more equal height to your bride.


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