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Tap Shoes - What Are the Taps on Tap Shoes Made Of?
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Tap dancing is a theatrical dance that uses metal plates attached to leather shoe soles to create distinctive, rhythmic sounds. The dance was born in the 1920s as a byproduct of combining the soft shoe dance with buck-and-wing dancing. Tap dancers use precise footwork to tap out beats on hard-surfaced floors using steps such as flap, ball change, brush, shuffle and cramp roll, as well as unique steps created on the fly.

Taps are small metal plates that attach to the heel and toe of shoes with a set of screws.
DuoTone, TeleTone and Supertone are the three main tap types, but TeleTones are the most popular because they attach with three screws.
You can buy special shoes with attached taps, attach them yourself to regular shoes or have a shoe shop do the work.

Tap ScrewsYou can alter the sound tap shoes make by tightening or loosening the screws.
Famous Ties
Savion GloverFamous contemporary tap dancers include Savion Glover, Brenda Bufalino, Peter Briansen, and Gregory and Maurice Hines of the "Hines, Hines, and Dad" dancing act.

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