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Lift Shoes - Elevator Lift Shoes - Get Height Taller with Hidden Rubber Insole.
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What are lift shoes?


Lift shoes are an amazing invention for anyone looking to increase their height without crazy surgeries or stilts. Lift shoes started to appear in the 1500's but were really only available to men. It was not until the 1990's when lift shoes became available to women.



This was a great option for women because they often wore heels to make themselves appear taller but, most doctors advised against this as it caused foot problems later in life. They allowed women to gain the height they desired without letting anyone know. Unlike the later designed platform shoes that had the extra height on the outside, lift shoes contain the platform on the inside of the shoe so that it is discreet.


Consisting of four layers, lift shoes are actually designed more complex than it would seem. The upper, which is generally made of leather and when compared to regular shoes, the upper of lift shoes are more sloped and the post curve is higher. The next part and most crucial to lift shoes is the insole. Typically made of cork so as not to add any extra weight to the lift shoes, the height is added to the back by the heel. It's important to note that some of them are made with a plastic or rubber insole and may add extra weight.


Following the insole of the lift shoes is the mid-sole and is used to prevent deterioration and damage to the most important part of them, the insole. The second most important piece to lift shoes and even most shoes is the outer-soles.


This keeps the wearer of the lift shoes from feeling uncomfortable. Rubber heels are used on lift shoes but, they can easily be replaced by a normal heel. Once the entire shoe is assembled, lift shoes look exactly like a normal shoe from the outside.


Lift shoes are not only a great option for those that desire to be taller but, also for people with flatfeet as they may find them to be more comfortable. Lift shoes are a great option for men who may want to look taller in photos, weddings or any special occasion. Lift shoes have become fairly popular among actors as well such as Tom cruise who is actually fairly short but with the use of lift shoes; he can be just as tall as his fellow actors.

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