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Buying lift shoes ,elevator shoes height-increasing shoes
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What are Elevator Shoes?

Lift shoes or height-increasing shoes, from the outside, elevator shoes look like any other footwear . They may have a heel, but it is not excessively high - it just looks like an average heel on an average shoe.



Inside the shoe and positioned under the foot, is a raised platform or sole that invisibly adds height to the shoe, giving the wearer the appearance of being taller.

While these types of shoes are available for women and guys, there are many more options in this type of footwear for men than there are for women. Presumably this is because off-the-rack women's footwear offers more heel options.



How Much Height Will Elevator Shoes Add?

This depends largely on the manufacturer and the style of the shoe, but typically lift shoes add between 2 and 4 inches. In some cases, the more height that is added, the less the shoes look like "regular" shoes. This is because the sides of the shoes need to be higher to accommodate taller lifts, or because the heel height needs to increase to deliver the extra height. Shopping around will help you find elevator shoes that add height, but still look the way you want.

Shoe Lifts - Height-Increasing Inserts

Some companies also offer shoe lifts - platform inserts that can be placed into regular shoes. This is a less expensive option, but you may be limited as to what shoes you can use the inserts with. The side of your shoes will need to be tall enough to accommodate both your foot, and the extra space needed for the insert.

Dciding Whether or Not to Wear Elevator Shoes


While self-acceptance and confidence in our appearance are healthier and more attractive attributes than trying to secretly alter the way we are perceived, most of us engage daily in rituals and routines to "enhance" our physical appearance.

While some people seek out extreme measures like plastic surgery, others apply makeup, endlessly diet, work out, or begin coloring their hair at the first signs of grey.

Of course, the difference is that the "lift" given by elevator shoes is very short-lived, whereas something like working out will likely cause actual changes in your body.

But the decision is yours, and if a couple of extra inches of height will make you feel better about yourself, then that's the only reason you need to consider height-increasing shoes.


Where to Buy Elevator Shoes

Since height-increasing shoes are a specialty item and wearing them might require a bit of adjustment, the best-case scenario would be to try them on before purchasing. However, they may be difficult to find at a general department store or your local shoe store. Our shoes will have best price strictic design for your foots, lots of choice will meet your needs.


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