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Matching well your dress with shoes
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Matching well your dress with shoes



Your high and thin building will be showed by wearing lift shoes. Generally, in the cases of that many of people buying trousers they need to tailor the longer part of trousers foot to math their height. But if you wearing the elevator shoes all these problems will be solved. Anywhere there are some tips for you reference in matching your coats.


1.       The styles of elegant, general and normal dressing, the shoes’ best series of colors are black, white-grey and dark-grown.




2.       The red color series’ shoes, should match dark-brown, orange, yellow and other hot color series of coats.



3.       If your shoes slightly on dark color series, the blue, green and purple dressing the better.

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4.       Obvious difference color dressing, keep in mind that the shoes color trying to math your coat for visual harmony.



5.       If you’re dressing slightly towards to light colors, your shoes color can tent to dark colors, and oppositely, your shoes may tent to be light color. At last colorful dressing should math Soft color of the neutral shoes.



6.       The contrast colors of your shoes and socks should be less.


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