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Men’s Shoes to Wear with a Sport Coat and Dress
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Four Men's Shoe Styles that Look Great with a Sport Coat and Jeans

Sports coats with jeans are back, baby. And they’re back in a big way. It’s a great look for that “in between” look of casual and dressy that can make you dressed for almost any occasion.

Here are some great ideas for men's shoes you can wear with a sport coat and jeans either at the office or for example, a first date.

Leather casual shoes - Men's Shoes for Jeans and a Sport Coat


Versatility is the key here with oxfords. If I had to own only one casual shoe, this might be the one. You can either go brown or black, but brown is a little more flexible. These elevator shoes look awesome with almost anything and will go great with a sport coat and jeans.

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Stylish Men's Leather Lift Shoes


Elevator shoes come in all shapes and styles and can be dressed up or dressed down. A nicer lift shoes is a great weapon to have when you want to add a little style to your closet and need to dress up a pair of jeans. You can also look at many other options.


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   New Styles

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