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How to Choose a Comfortable Shoes
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Most of the footwear on the market today is neither comfortable nor good for the feet. The American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) recently reported that 50 percent of Americans, aged 18-60, suffer from some kind of foot ailment, and that many of these are related to wearing incorrect shoes.

You don't have to suffer pain for fashion. Comfortable shoes manufacturers are now hiring stylists and keeping pace with fashion trends while still offering the features that make a shoe comfortable.

Try these tips for picking comfortable shoes, pumps, flats, and sandals.

Test a shoe for cushioning by pressing a finger into the ball area.

   It should have a little give or a slightly padded feel. Comfortable shoes typically have a cushioned insole that supports the natural shape of the feet.

Avoid synthetics.

Wear only shoes that have natural leather or suede insoles because it is breathable and pliable, it will prevent chafing and blistering while molding to the feet.

Avoid slippage and cuts on your heel by finding a shoe with a back that fits snugly and holds your foot securely.

Visit a store that knows and cares about fitting—and has a wide selection of comfortable shoe brands for you to choose from.


  • Forget about that old adage of "breaking shoes in" - You want to find comfortable shoes that fit your feet, not make your feet fit the shoes. You should be able to put on a new pair of comfortable shoes, walk around and have them feel good immediately. If they don't, move on to another brand.
  • When shopping for comfortable shoes online, check the return policy of the store - many online retailers now offer free return-shipping if your shoes don't suit.
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