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Hey,do you know how to buy shoes online?
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Hey,do you know how to buy the shoes you like online ?

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Most of person love shoes but hate shoe shopping? Avoid shopping until you drop by shopping online instead. 1

Know roughly what sort of shoe you are looking for before you start looking online. It's a lot easier than wading through thousands of search results.

1.Use google or a similar website to find a pair you like.

2.Take care when reading sizing information to make sure you select the right size. Bear in mind that shoe sizes sometimes differ among manufacturers. This is especially true for elevatingshoes


3.Read the shoe description to make sure the material is to your liking.

4.Select a shoe color, if that option exists.


Read the website's policy on returns carefully. You don't want to get caught out by the contract.


5.Buy and make the payment.


6.wait for your shoes

T  tips

  • Ask friends or family if they have bought shoes online. If so, get their site recommendations. Also, browse through fashion magazines for site suggestions.
  • If you need laces or the like for the shoe, browse the site for these as well. You may get special discounts if you buy the two together.


  • Be careful when buying designer shoes on eBay, as you could end up with a fake item.
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