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How to Care For Your Dress Shoes
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Chances are that you have spent a good amount of money on your dress shoes. Why wouldn’t you? After all, wearing quality dress shoes will not only look nice with your suit and tie, but will also offer a great deal of comfort on a long days work. To ensure that you can keep your dress shoes looking sharp for a long time ahead, follow the tips below:


After You Buy Your Dress Shoes
So you found the shoes you like and the price seemed good. But before you wear them, there are a few simple preventative things to do to ensure your shoes will last you a long time.


All Weather Spray
To protect your shoes from water, snow, and sun exposure it is recommended to spray your shoes with an all-weather spray. Doing this will only take a few seconds but will add months of life to your shoes. Simply ask for a protective spray at your shoe store or your local shoemaker. A protective all-weather guard will only cost $5-$10 and is definitely worth the money.


Visit a Shoe-Maker
If your dress shoes have an all-leather sole, it is recommended to bring your shoes to a shoemaker and have a thin rubber layer glued to the soles. This will prevent wear on the leather, add additional traction, and prevent water intrusion in wet conditions. Doing this is a piece of cake for any cobbler, and will only cost you about $4-$8 per shoe.

Preventive Daily Care
After a long day in your shoes, it is important to spend a few extra seconds to care for your footwear. First, un-tie your shoelaces, and loosen them before taking the shoes off. This is also important before putting your shoes back on in the morning. Doing this will protect the heel of your shoes. Secondly, wipe the shoes down –especially when it is wet or snowing outside. Finally use shoetrees to help the shoes keep their original shape. Then, store your shoes in a well-ventilated area. If your shoes are wet inside, crumple up some newspaper, place it inside the shoes, and put your shoes in a warm, dry area.


Polishing Your Dress Shoes
Shoe polish has a high oil and wax content. It serves not only as a polish that shines your shoes, but it also protects the leather of your shoes. Regularly polishing your shoes will prevent cracks in the lather and access folds on top of the shoes.


Re-Soling Dress Shoes
If your shoes get worn off on the sole, there is no reason to throw them away. Instead visit your local cobbler and get them resoled. This is especially recommended with expensive high-end dress shoes. If you go early, the copper will simply add a piece of leather or rubber to the back of the heel, and glue another thin layer to the front area of your shoe sole. Doing this doesn’t cost much money, and will add more life to your shoes.


Traveling With Dress Shoes
When you travel with your dress shoes, it is recommended to use shoetrees to prevent the shoes from being crushed. Also use a cotton show bag, one for each shoe, to protect the leather from sharp objects, as well as to protect your clothes from getting dirty. If you don’t have a shoe bag, an old pair of ski-socks works excellent.


If you follow the tips above, your shoes will last longer, and you will save money as well as another shopping trip at the crowded mall.



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