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Brand 'Warrior'
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According to People's Daily, sneakers by the old Chinese brand 'Warrior' have recently become quite popular in Europe and America. Warrior sneakers, priced at around 20 yuan a pair, have a history of 40 years in China.But in Europe, they cost around 50 euros (about 500 yuan) -- 25 times more than their domesticprice.  Many Hollywood stars are beginning to wear the Warrior sneakers, including Orlando Bloom, who played in The Lord of the Rings and Pirates of theCaribbean. Even the authoritative French edition of Elle magazine sings the shoes' praises, saying that they may challenge the popularity of Converse shoes in the eyes of young people.After Chinese-style woven bags were copied by international fashion brands, the Warrior sneakers appear positioned to be the next Chinese fashionhit.


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