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The Shoes Men love to hate
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       We may think wedges are deceptively comfortable for a high shoe, but it seems that guys are not having any of it: wedges were the most disliked shoe type in the survey, with 71 percent of men giving them the thumbs down.


          We're detecting a theme here: men don't like shoes with thick, chunky bottoms - which may be why 58 percent of them have an aversion to platform shoes (or are they just intimidated by the height?)


      Now this one just makes us plain angry! We love our Mary Janes and nobody is going to tell us otherwise. Not even the 42 percent of men who profess to dislike them.

        37 percent of the guys questioned claim to hate 'ballet shoes'. We think they mean ballet flats, again apparently averse to anything that doesn't cause pain and blisters!


       Kitten heels have been deemed just not high enough by 34 percent of men questioned. Tchah!

       Proving beyond doubt that guys just don't want us to be comfy, their 6th least favorite style is the moccasin: disliked by 49 percent.

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