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Top 5 High Heel Shoes Brands
7/17/2013 Source: Browse:

There’re so many fashion brands making shoes. And they all have their own specific design and styling attached to the fashion.

Among all these brands, here I’d like to talk about the top 5 fashionable high heel shoes brands.

    1. Christian Louboutin

Famous as the red soles, Christian Louboutin shoes are also called as “follow me shoes”. The designer, Christian Louboutin, once said his aim is to  “Make a woman look sexy, beautiful, to make her legs look as long as he can.” Looking through the latest 2011 Oscar Rewards on the red carpet, Scarlett Johansson was a real spark wearing Christian Louboutin heels..

2. Manolo Blahnik

Manolo Blahnik's  shoes are famous for extremely high and thin heels with pointed toes. Yes, Manolo Blahnik shoes are very expensive, but they are worth that price. Except for their unique design and extreme beauty, all of Manolo Blahnik shoes are traditionally hand-made. 

3. Jimmy Choo

Based on style and elegance, Jimmy Choo shoes are extremely in fashion.  Sarah Jessica Parker, the actress of The Sexy and City is a big fan of Jimmy Choo. And on 2011 Oscar Rewards, Sandra Bullock paired her strapless evening gown with Jimmy Choo shoes. 


4. Roger Vivier

Roger Vivier has the reputation of "the father of high-heeled shoes". Roger Vivier’s innovations in heel design and toe shapes have changed the silhouette of women's shoes. They are characterised as sexy, elegant, fascinating… Roger Vivier heels made him the king of the high-heeled shoes. No one can resist the temptation to try  his creation!

5. Sergio Rossi

Year after year, the Italian brand Sergio Rossi becomes one of the most popular high heels brands on the carpet. Some limited shoe items are favored by many celebs. The Creative Director of Sergio Rossi, Francesco Russo,  said she wants to create the perfect woman silhouette. Let's hope this would come true one day in the nearest future.

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