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A Fashion Man Who Understands How to Wear and Care for Shoes.
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It's time to update your wardrobe for the new season, so here are our top three trend tips in men's fashion this season.

How To: Wear Men's Winter Boots

Rugged and ready to add a rough edge to an outfit, a sturdy boot is an essential this season. Aquila Roth Black is ideal, with its rounder toe and leather composite sole with contrast blue striping. Wear it with chinos, jeans, checked shirts or winter knitwear. Or go for a lighter leather boot such as Aquila Chuck Brown, with a more chocolate colored aged leather finish – best complemented with dark denim for a smart weekend look.

How To: Wear Dress Brown and Tans 

Winter is the perfect time to step off the well-worn blue and grey path with your wardrobe and expand your palette to include browns and tans.

This season is a vibrant one for fashion, and the bright colors in style work well when countered with subtler shades. Browns & tans are perfect for the job. No longer seen as a relic of the seventies, brown and tan clothing and shoes are once again appreciated as a great way to add variety to your style, and a warmer alternative to grays and blacks. You can mix browns with anything from earthy greens to deep blues to create an outfit of rich, assured tones.

Brown and tan shoes combine perfectly with denim for a smart casual look – an ankle boot such as Aquila’s Goldwyn is ideal, with its simple lines, round toe and contrast leather sole. If you're dressing up rather than down, match a tan shoe with blue, grey or camel pants. Choose a confident lace up like Aquila Devon Tan, featuring an elongated round toe and black stitched leather sole.

If you don't feel a brown suit works well with your skin tone, browns can be teamed up with other earthy hues. Mix in a touch of grey and a splash of color here and there. Accessories with accent pieces such as a tie or pocket handkerchief. Here's where you can add some vivid autumn and winter highlight colors – include some teal, burnt orange or burgundy.

If you're choosing pieces to mix and match, hanging your winter palette on the shoes rather than clothing works well for men this season. Pair up a grey jacket with dark jeans or pants and a brown shoe. Aquila's Francis Grey is a classic tweed blazer with a double vent, and teams perfectly with a smart dress shoe like Alistair Brown, featuring zigzag toe cap stitching and classic brogue detailing.

Follow these simple guidelines and wearing browns and tans with confidence will open up a whole wardrobe of masculine colour options.


How To: Care for Men's Shoe

Nobody wants a good outfit ruined by an unkempt pair of shoes so you’re your suede in top-notch shape by taking close note to the following guide.

Get your hands on a suede specific brush. You can get one of these from Mister Minuit or your local shoe repairs store.

Invest in a quality suede protector to preserve and protect your shoes against marks and stains.

Prevention is the key with suede, so the moment you purchase your pair of new suede shoes, give them a brush to remove any surface dirt before spraying all over with the suede protector. From here on out, brush your shoes with a suede brush after every use. This will revive the nap (the raised hair, or threads on the surface of the suede) and remove any excess surface dirt that may have accumulated.


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