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How to choose high shoes
5/5/2015 Source: Elevatingshoes.com Browse:
1 best choice stock shoes, high shoes, high heels, and if you buy some shoes are a little big, so you can wear them on the heel increased possibilities and then higher, if you tie, elevatingshoes.com you can add an insole and shoelaces come down!
2 Select Comfort: recommended by the medical experts, increase the height cannot be more than 7.5 cm. Extended wear increases higher than the 7.5 cm of height increasing shoes will affect the person's foot health and foot deformity of knee joint deformation. In order to ensure a healthy, 3 ~ 5 cm in height increase shoes is most appropriate!
3 Add advanced height increasing shoes are very important: the top, hard work, there is no flexibility, easily deformed feet; additional material was too bad, dress long top sinks, feet will distort; increase non-traditional Chinese medicine material layer and there is no ventilation, water or increasing high level collapsed a few days can cause athlete's foot, moldy or!
4 high shoes leather material is very important: increased height increasing shoes, shoe power greatly increased as a whole in the first half, which means that upper bearing is very large, General shoes did not make any sense elevatingshoes.com.
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