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Man caused by increased love story
5/5/2015 Source: Elevatingshoes.com Browse:

   Without realizing it, men who accompanied the boys increased in high fashion Lady shoes and girls shoes have left their master, they were placed high in the nostalgic window, heavy rain early in the morning just after dawn slowly climb up the ledge, the air was filled with warm sunshine and rain combined with a fresh taste, it's the taste of love ... ... They have split up for two years, why break up? Already forgotten, but the outcome was, two people broke up, not in accordance with the contract, go to the end.

   She is the rich Princess, he was a poor boy, he has always been very much the girl, he wears every day she gave him height increasing shoes for men, girls wanted to give him more confidence, it's an expression of love. But graduation comes, they are just like any other couple, could not escape the curse of breaking up. Poor man always had ups and downs of love, elevatingshoes.com with show dog blood story. Their sentimental love story from her bet with a friend on that day, you bet she won't fall in love with this "short, short and poor" guy later plots indicate what girls really fell in love with the boy, but the secret, the boy left, the two will visit each other.

    Boy is really a poor boy, home is in the mountains, thousands of miles, young age, hunting with his father, wild boar, pheasant, is their source of livelihood. This is what many city kids don't know, doesn't feel impossible things. But the reality is often so in today's technologically advanced era, such a primitive lifestyle, do exist. Accustomed to downtown increased material such as a wide variety of men's and women's shoes, clothing, the shop girl with mysterious beautiful Street appeal. When young boys and girls about my personal thing when the girl's eyes twinkle, as if listening to a very stimulating-novel story, the girl said, must have the opportunity to enjoy later,  but not when it comes to experience, lie was exposed, and graduation season coming, they just broke up peacefully. Girls due to lack of adventure experiences like conditional adventure boys adventures, as well as their adventures never love to slowly separated from the boys.


    After breaking boy into a State-owned enterprise, have a stable nine-to-five life, but comes back every day, he'll turn on the computer, open girl's micro-blog, to see her mood of the day: sometimes he would wear girls gave him height increasing shoes for men, nostalgia, nostalgia for the girls. She sometimes happy, sometimes sad, sometimes frustrated. But he watched quietly, do not make comments or even deleting your browsing history.

Breaking up two years ago, his innocent so he didn't go looking for her. Not put the pride in his heart, can't stand the girl's "emotional cheating". Although he once thought the girl did as she said, elevatingshoes.com in love with him. But, once again, how could he trust her? How can I trust a rich Princess falling in love with a poor boy from the mountains? Perhaps only in idol dramas, appears. Leaving school, the boys through their own efforts, into a State-owned company, starting from the grass-roots fight, every day after work and still married to his work, sit two years less than the Director's throne. Now, he also bought a house in the city, from a short short and poor, turned Gao Fushuai today.

    But this feeling, this knot, he still can't let go because he had been wearing girls to send in his men's height increasing shoes. So the days went on, boys still days secretly watching girl dynamic, suddenly one day, the girl sent a Tweet: I'm married, leaving you without updating. A wedding picture, picture, girl smiling and happiness overflows. Boys cried violently, two years of hurt and regret, to vent out through tears. Since then, the boy off the Tweets, not landing. Boy did not know, the girl let out a wedding Twitter and ten minutes later, sent another one: you, like to come when I'm with him?

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