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High-heeled Shoes for The Girls
1/7/2016 Source: Elevatingshoes.com Browse:

Why, you may wonder, should a girl wear high-heeled shoes? Because there are more and more girls eager to wear a high shoes in our modern life . Not only high shoes make their legs look longer, but also it’s to be considered sexually attractive and charming of an essential part of women’ costume. However, it’s really beautiful when a girl wear high shoes? I totally disagree with that. the follow reasons will support my opinion. On one hand, wearing high-heeled shoes causes a decreased stride length. According to a recent study, this decrease in stride length results from changes in the leg joint kinetics, such as, changes in the relative orientation of the skeletal structures in the ankle, all resulting in a decreased stride length. One the other hand, Wearing high heels also causes the wearer to have an anterior shift in their center of mass, putting more pressure on the ball of the foot. This causes the wearer to be slightly off balance, resulting in compensatory changes in the body posture, such as realignment of the hips and spine. What’s more ,it’s very inconvenient to wear high shoes because it give too much pressure on the front portion of the foot when walking and running . So, for the above reasons, it’s not very wise ,I think,for girls to wear high-heeled shoes .As is known to all, healthy is the most important thing in our life. The really beauty not depend on what you wear or your appearance and instead the inner beauty is the true beauty. The best accessory a girl can own is confidence.

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