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Affiliate Program
Commissions paid directly to your PAYPAL monthly
We have our agent website. Once you add our link on your site and earn commission, pays you directly, you don’t need to wait long time. And you are able to view and track your Transaction Reports any time when you log in the Affiliate site.
There are two ways about when we send the commission to you. 1, Once you earn over 20us$ (You can choose less or more by yourself at affiliate site), we will send to you within 48 hours; 2, If you want us pay you month normally, We will send the commission at the Mid days of every month. There is no wait, no third party intervention.
The steps of being our affiliate:
Free to Join
Becoming an Affiliate of is free, then you can make money with little effort. Just need to add our value text contents, Picture Banner or shoes contents on your site. We take the customer orders, handle all payments and the shipment. You can check you will receive the Commission .
Add Adv Content/Banner on your site- Earn High Referral Fee
We offer a high 10% Referral fee (means 10% of shoes price) of total sales made by any one of your referred customers. If your total transaction is1000 US$ or more, Your Referral fee will be increased to 15%. (2000 US$, will be increased to 20%) The more people that you direct to our Store and finish the order, the more commission you can earn. Come on, there is no earning limit to you!
Monitor the Successful Transaction
We give you access to online reporting through the Affiliate page. All Transaction reports are available to you at any time, you can log in and see every successful order and Commission on the Affiliate Program site.

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