How to measure your leg length ?

Before order you need to know the following information
1.All discrepancy shoes height increase inside.
2.Discrepancy shoes are no stock,it take about 2-4 days to make a pair of shoes.
3.Hidden increase toe cap maximum 3 cm,hidden increase heel maximum 9 cm.
4.If you require the appearance of shoes to be consistent,the increase distance between left shoes and right shoes should not exceed 3 cm (the normal shoes maybe feel a little loose,it might be a little bit uncomfortable because it has a lot of room to even out the appearance,) 
When you order please provide us with following information
1.Provide us the correct shoes size and color.
2.Increase height for left shoe or right shoes ?
3.Both increasing height for toe cap and heel cap or just increase height for heel cap ?
4.How much height you need to boost.
5.Provide us the measurement data of foot length,ball width,ball girth.(measure method please refer the following guide figure)

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