Leg length discrepancy shoes for man
Leg length discrepancy shoes for man
Leg length discrepancy shoes for man
Leg length discrepancy shoes for man
Leg length discrepancy shoes for man

Leg length discrepancy shoes for man

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About shopping

Usually we use DHL EMS international express to send orders.After you make the payment, Elevator shoes orders are shipped within 3-5 working days .and you will receive the shoes about 6-15 days.The leg length dicrepancy shoes orders are shipped within 15 days,and you will received the shoes about 25 days..

About Return

  • Guaranteed Refund 
      1. Any quality problems, such as broken lower sole, broken heel, broken upper sole, broken assistant heel, which appeared within one month.
      2. All open glue within one month.
  • Note: If there is no quality problem, The leg length dicrepancy shoes can not returned.
  • Guaranteed exchange
      1. Within one month, for problems caused by serious color fading or serious discoloration of inner sole, exchange of same type of shoes is allowed. 
      2. For any new shoes not in pair, different size or nail appeared found inside the shoes. 
      3. For shoes can be exchanged due to quality problem or sending wrong shoes style, wrong size.
  • Guaranteed repair
      Within 3 months from the purchase, repair is guaranteed for any one of the following damage: broken lower sole, broken heels, broken upper sole, broken assistant heel, broken threads, unbalance of heels, back heels worn out, or any damage caused by quality.
  • Implementation of 3 guaranteed
      1. All explicitly indicated the goods item for disposal or damage caused by the consumer are not under the guarantee.
      2. "3 guarantee" is the certificate of quality of the shoes. 
      3. Our regulation is inconsistent with the similar International regulation, subject to China's standard. 
    · Free Exchange or Refund requests from customers may be rejected due to following reasons:
      1.If any defects found, please contact our customer service within 7 days. Request is not accepted after then. 
      2.If the problem is caused by the customer (such as he did not read the introduction before ordering, or repeated order, or the shoes size you choose is not suitable). You could exchange another shoes or get refund, but we don't include any shipping fee.
      3. If the shoes have been used by customer , don't accept exchange or refund .
    · Return Request: 
      You may return the unused shoes for exchange or refund with following requirements: 
      . within 7 days from the date of receipt.
      . both the packing and the goods are in good condition.
      . delivery note and invoice are enclosed.

    · Return Address:
     Colin Xian
      NO.180,XinXing Road,Qinzhou,Guangxi. China

  Phone: 0086-777-2874188

  Note: The following unforeseeable reasons cannot be the excuses of complaint: 
  1.Delayed delivery due to unpredictable weather, transport or traffic etc. 
  2.Delay due to post service. 
  3.The shortage of the goods, will deal with after discussion with customer.

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