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The picture only supplies the reference, take the object as the standard!

JGL Orthopedic shoes orthopedic footwear ortho shoes stylish orthopedic shoes disabled shoes disabled footwear shoes for uneven legs 
LLD Shoes with specific dimension could be produced on the customer's requirement.Please measure your feet,then let us know.

Increasing 0-4 Inches
Rubber Outsole
Cow leather upper
Pig Leather lining with cushioned insole for added comfort
Handmade with genuine leather provides extreme comfort and breathable
Made in China

Item No : JGL2993
Reg Price : $238
Retail Price : $189
      Color :  
US Size   :  
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Product Detail Reviews of JGL2993
Item No: JGL2993 Shoes Styles: Leg Length Discrepancy Shoes
Height: 0-4 Inches Taller Size: 5.5 , 6 , 6.5 , 7 , 7.5 , 8 , 8.5 , 9 , 9.5 , 10 , 10.5 , 11 ,
Color: Black , Pure yellow , Brown ,    

JGL leg length discrepancy shoes give you tailored (All elevator shoes in our store can be serve as reference,to make shoes you want),If you making your first discrepancy shoes,you may not know how to start.So please kindly consult us online or leave us message.When you place order,please note your requirement detail to us as required.

All LLD shoes made by hand,and because of pure handmade,there is always some deviation,it is unavoidable.So if you are perfectionists,please do not place order.

Before order you need to know the following information

1.All discrepancy shoes height increase inside.

2.Discrepancy shoes are no stock,it take about 2-4 days to make a pair of shoes.

3.Hidden toe cap maximum 3 cm,hidden increase heel maximum 9 cm.

4.If you require the appearance of shoes to be consistent,the increase distance between left shoes and right shoes should not exceed 3 cm (the normal shoes maybe feel a little loose,it might be a little bit uncomfortable,because it has a lot of room to even out the appearance)

When you order please provide us with following information

1.Provide us the correct shoes size and color.

2.Increase left shoe or right shoes ?

3.Overall increase shoes or just increase heel cap ?

4.How much height you need to boost.

5.Provide us your foot length,ball width,ball girth.(measure method please refer the following guide figure)

The following is the order sample text for reference

Item:JGL6361_2  Color:blue

Right foot:Normal,US size 7,foot length 24cm,ball width 9cm,ball girth 22cm.

Left foot:US size 7,Foot length 24cm,ball width 9cm,ball girth 22cm,hidden toe cape 3cm,hidden heel counter 7cm

Not Sure of your size?

Picture for reference only,shoes production based on personal required and subject to physical object

shoes for uneven legsshoes for shorter leglld shoes dresspair of shoes with different leg lengths

leg length discrepancy shoesshoes for people with one short leg and one tall legleft leg shorter shoesheel lifts leg length discrepancybuilt up shoe for short leg

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