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want to buy a shoe from this site       

i m not gettin the exact procedure to get this item ...... moreover i am not having any credit card ...... so kindly if u could help me out in letting me know the payment procedure .............. i will be kind enough if u could tell in my phone NO. that is 94***77
  misbah   12/27/2007

hi, I'm happy i could you.If you haven't any credit card, you should make the payment by WESTERN UNION,it is easy and safe.Here is the payment information:

By  Administrator                 

That is nice shoes !!!      

hello how are u ?I am so impressed with your speed in shipping , I have received the shoes JGL-1248 within 7 days,the shoes are great casual shoes.And the shoes really increase my height 7 cm invisibly and instantly. That is a perfect casual shoes for men.
  thunder   12/10/2007

Hello, Thanks for you could like our JGL(Jiangaole)height increase shoes.JGL-1248 is men casual shoes,when you wearing the shoes,you will increase your height 2.76 inches(7cm) taller instantly.

By  Administrator                 

I couldn‘t believe my eyes       

I couldn‘t believe my eyes when I received the increasing shoes. They looked even better than the pictures in the catalog.
  E.Keith   11/18/2007
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